My Idea of Fun

Lenny Kravitz live  at the Fillmore New York Oct 2009…IMG_0528

After living in Europe for the past three years, Lenny is back in New York City to perform.

Rockin’ it like he does, he put on a spectacular, spectacular show.  As he stepped on stage the energy flowed into the audience like a crashing wave over an iron shore.

With the fog in the room, some beams of lights cut through the air, while others flashed so hard it felt as though you were getting burned. You then felt the bass from the speakers in your body, which allowed the music to take you where you needed to be.  Man the feeling was great! Then voila, he starts to sing … this completed the transformation, you were now in his world.

It was my first time seeing Lenny, and I have been waiting to see him for some years now.  It was worth it. I left the show wanting more, although he played for about three hours.

I was so excited the next day and couldn’t wait to share some of my feelings from the experience with some of my colleagues, but they laughed at me. They are not Kravitz fans, but I didn’t care. I played his album all day so that they will become fans.

I now have a new appreciation for his music.  I would go to see him again – he definitely knows how to throw a show.

I didn’t have my camera on me, but I used my iphone and got some photographs of him.


Burning Man 2009


My Burning Man experience was out of this world – I don’t even know where to begin describing it…

It’s something that I could never have been fully prepared for, no matter how much information I gathered from “Burner” friends, hardcore veterans or the internet. It was truly amazing, inspiring, challenging and simply awesome!

I will admit that my first intention was to go there to witness naked flesh I heard would be wandering the desert, but once there, I realized it is about so much more. It’s about freedom, self expression, art, music and friendship. It’s a break from society and it’s entrapments. No cell phones, no internet, no TV. And it’s about the physical challenge as well – the extremely harsh conditions, the dust, the heat and the lack of running water. After all, it is the middle of the vast Nevada desert. I believe it’s something everyone should experience before they die –  it doesn’t matter what age you are.

Just imagine walking through sandstorms where you can’t see but a few feet ahead of you, then seeing some weird character approaching you on stilts with what appears to be a troll walking beside him.  Keep in mind that your mind is altered and everything seems a little, well a lot strange, or stranger than strange.

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